Karl LeFong - Feature


The Karl Le Fong Gathering is a new magic convention being launched by two of Scotland’s most skilled close up magicians, Peter McLanachan and Neil Stirton. The purpose of the event is to encourage sharing amongst some of the UK’s best magicians, and includes three guest speakers.

I was approached to design their brand logo and look and feel. Both Peter and Neil were on a similar page when it came to the feeling they were looking to present: simple, elegant and in keeping with the effect the event was named after. The effect they had named their gathering after was created by a great Scottish magician, Roy Walton, and was close to their hearts. It uses a deck of cards and three dice.

Several potential options were presented to Peter and Neil who found it hard to make a decision as to which they preferred. This was where seeing the logos mocked up onto various items such as business cards, CD labels, presentation folders and a t-shirt helped them, as they were able to see how the brand would feel in the real world.

I had great fun working on this project and the final logo and colour choices reflect Peter, Neil, The Karl Le Fong Trick to create a unique but familiar brand for The Karl Le Fong Gathering.


I was asked to design the brand imagery for a new Scottish magic convention.

This included:

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Colours
  • Design Guide


Brilliant mate, great work. – Neil Stirton